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Sam Mort has always had an artistic passion. From humble beginnings winning blue ribbons in the state fair for his artwork, to the art he produces today he has dabbled in many mediums. He has been doing Photoshop and graphics art since 1996 and was a hobbyist photographer until 2012. It wasn't until he got his first DSLR camera in 2012 he found his true passion for photography.

He has been married since 2008. His wife and 4 beautiful children often end up as his test subjects and photographic/artistic muses! 



"It is rare that I get a chance to work with someone who is able to capture my true identity without any explanation of who I am. I remember sitting down Infront of the camera and simply saying '"I'm Muslim" And Mr. Sam Mort gave a simple look and smile then took the lead and worked his magic. It was a few simple snaps and I heard him say we got it. He walked over to me and what he showed me almost brought tears to my eyes. Mr. Mort showed me my identity through his lense. And for that I will forever be grateful. You know that one photo that when you get older everyone looks back on and says"Wow" look at her? Well I can honestly say... This is it! Thank you for capturing this magic moment with my sister Queens Mr. Mort."
- Monica Guarguab - Mrs Arizona Plus America 

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