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à La Mort March 2017

By Sam Mort in A La Mort

30 pages, published 3/1/2017

a La Mort March 2017. Featuring Mar D Caos, Kay L Townsend, Ascheley Hill Cosplay, Lucky Diamond Cosplay, Miss Black Arizona USA pageant coverage, guest photographers Tony Julius, London's Lens, and Lisa Galetto.

à La Mort Magazine by Mort Productions, is a photographic heavy variety magazine.  In essence, it is an art magazine featuring local talent (artists, photogs, painters, make up artists, models, dancers, performance artists, designers, etc) and local event coverage. It is all brought to life with vivid, high quality photography.

Currently seeking talent, guests writers, and photographers to be featured in upcoming issues. 

Ad space is also available for local businesses with half or full page options! 

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